1960s Ford Mustang Factory.... Assembly Line


  1. What a great time to be working for the auto manufacturing business. I tell you my friend, this was (in my opinion) the best time in car production. Now, nothing but robots mostly. Sad. Just sad. My oldest sister had a '65 Mustang 2+2 sport roof, (or in the more commonly used vernacular) "Fast Back." And then it finally came to me for a bit. It was a three speed (on the floor) 200 CI straight six. It was painted black, but was originally white like the ones here in this picture. Don't know why I let it go. Another one those, "I should a kept it" type deals. Ah youth. So beautiful. So strong. SO STUPID!

  2. That must hurt indeed... fastback nowadays are hard to find and super pricey ;-( would love to own one oneday also, but dont think that going to happen, should have bought one 20 years ago when they still where afortable šŸ¤¦‍♂️