Sedan Sunday - 1928 Ford Model A Hotrod

Another Suicide Front Set Up..
Chop, Channel looking good on this one,
Not So Keen on those Modern Wheels / Tire Setup and  Caddy Rear Lights...
and the Tank Half Way In The Back šŸ¤·‍♂️


  1. The tires I'm okay with. I like radials as it makes it way easier for turning the car, truck, whatever you run them on. At least from my experience. The rims, I really like the front wire wheels, but the rear needs them too. That would make the aesthetics much easier on the eye. Now about that suicide front axle. This one for some reason looks particularly flimsy to me. Maybe it's just the camera angle.

  2. Also the tail lights. '59 Caddy. They don't seem to work with this sedan. As for the gas tank. Well, nice engineering job tailoring it into the body, but again, doesn't seem right. Oh well, each to their own I guess.

  3. Each to Their own that certainly JS, I do respect everyone who builts and not here to talk shit about other ones ideas, creations and rides but I like it to wander how it would look in my immagination ;-) As far as the flimsy looking front I agree with you also... the cowl steering drag link should me more parallel tot the wishbone also I think... anyway. still a cool rod! Cheers