Chopped Top Thursday - 1949 Ford Shoebox

1949 Ford Shoebox
Chopped Top, Bagged, Special Paint
Mercury Grill
Power Steering , Disc Brakes
Rear Air Ride (Duel Compressors)
Priced 30K USD 


  1. Wow, a kool classic kustom done up in the late 50's to early 60's style. This one is a West coaster. Two hints are the ocean shot, which could be on the East side of the U.S. but the give away for me if the the parking lot shot at the IN-N-OUT Burgers. That's pretty much an exclusive drive-in restaurant chain to that area. My Ex tells me that it's the best place to go for a really good burger and fry meal. Everything is made fresh right in front of you while you wait. Fresh. Not processed. They have a clothing line too. Some really cool T-shirts for one.

  2. I accidentally Have tje In-N-Out T-shirt and can confirm that they do have the best fry meal and shakes YUM!!!!!!

  3. And indeed cool Kustom, slight "watson" paint Job is Nice also

  4. Yes I did pick that vib up on the Watson style of painting. As for the In-N-Out Burger shop, maybe someday I'll get to eat there. Maybe.