Wagon Wednesday - 1950's ChevyChamper

I Think there a 1958 Chevy Underneath That Lump,
But Wat Exactly? 🤷‍♂️ Brookwood? Anyone?
See @ HERE


  1. Skip, I believe that for 1958 Chevrolet offered two models to choose from. The Brookwood, as this one here indicated by the script on the rear door, and the Yeoman , which was a very cool looking two door model. The Yeoman is the rear one to find today. Aside from the two door difference the Yeoman's stainless steel side trim is different too. If you should ever come across a '58 Yeoman and you have the capital to buy it, do so. In fact, any two door model Chevy long roof from that area, 1957 to 1960 is worth the investment. This one is unique because of the home build installation of the camper. Great for overnight outing in the parks or to racing events.

  2. Great Info on the Yeoman! Didnt know that! Thanks 🙏