Sedan Sunday - 1930 Model A 2 Door Tudor

I know that hotrodding (also) means giving a personal thouch to your ride. This Guy went nuts with the wrench bumpers and flame shaped grill surrounding. I dont fancy it, but hey...
It's not my ride ;-)


  1. Another on that states the obvious, HOT ROD ! The wrench bumpers are very cool, and the hood, (bonnet?) cut to represent flames is impressive work, to me that is. And are those Moto Guzzi tail lights incorporated to use as stops? They look it to me. The stance and tires are right to my eye. Like the bright orange steelies with baby Moons and beauty rings really sets it off. Again, for my eye.

  2. You are right sir, the grill insert is done nicely and takes skills, but I dont fancy it, but thats okay, thats what i like about the hotrod scene, that everybody is free to ad what they want or have in mind ;-)