Truck Tuesday - 1937 Plymouth PT50 Pickup

This 1937 Plymouth Pickup (PT50) Sertainly Is One Of My Fav Trucks
That was for sale at the bay past months.
Check that patina look, stance and... everything! 


  1. When you look at a vehicle from the 30's, and I think the MoPar's of that era in particular, have a strong Art Deco feel to them. The styling cue are those long swooping fat fender lines, hood ornaments, beautifully sculptured radiator grill to name a few. Did you also notice the dash board and window surrounds are done in a birds-eye walnut finish? What's unique about that is it's metal. Not real wood. That's a finishing process that has become popular again with custom builders. I like this truck. It's got class.

  2. I didnt look that good to notice the wallnut ad, nice touch indeed!
    I really like this truck... it gets me!