Wagon Wednesday - 1955 Chevy

Here's a nice 1955 Chevy wagon saved from perish by Denver Lawrence / TMI Products. Added a 5.3-liter LS Engine, Trick Flow GenX cylinder heads, Trick Flow camshaft, and FiTech Ultimate LS EFI system. Interested in how this build went... check THIS LINK


  1. That is a nice build, but it almost looks like a computer drawing, but I see it really isn't. My only question, Why leave the dash rusty if you're going to go through all the trouble to make the rest of it look so great?

  2. This '55 was presented at Sema some years ago if i understood correctly. Man if you see the pics where its coming from, you almost wont believe it. The pics indeed almost look animated, guess they're messed with by filters etc. Never the less a ubercool wagon/built. I do share JSF's optio to have painted the dash nicely, I think they wanted to show the car is a real patina survivor by leaving it rusty patina 😉