50's Tuesday - 1959 Ford Galaxie

1959 Ford CUSTOM 300 Galaxie. 223 6 cyl Engine


  1. I owned a '57 Fairlane 500 two door hard top as my very first car. Had a lot of fun in that thing. I like this '59, but you're calling it a Galaxie. I thought that model didn't come along until 1960. But I could be wrong. This two door sedan has very nice lines on it, and I always liked the rap around windshield.

  2. You're almost right JSF, The Ford Galaxie is a 4th generations car.... Front runner was the Ford Fairlaine Galaxie from 1959, that supose to be a hardtop convertible. Later in 1960 Galaxie became a type of its own. Says wiki ;-)

  3. Ps: starting to wander how many cars you got in your life LOL

  4. This is actually my car. I bought it looking like this.
    It is rougher than it looks in the pictures and needs alot of work, but it is still out there and still sports the primer and spray can panel job on the trunk.

    1. Cool to get an update on this one, I got the pics off ebay at that time. Good to hear its still out there and being rescued 🤘