Skippic Saturday

Never thought cleaning tires could be so satisfying 😁👌 

Hotrod Tuesday - 1931 Ford 5W Coupe

Another post.. some more nice pics of Piero De Luca's awesome 1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod Live Wire Cover Car

Skippic Saturday - Carb Installation

Suddenly the roadster got this hessitation / bog.
Desided to check the ditriubutor and fuel system.
Ending up refurbishing the edelbrock carb...
She seems to be a good runner again 🤘

1969 Ford Step Van

Really like these bare metal alu'm bodied step vans, gives them that cool aircraft look 🤘

MUTANT VEHICLES by Alexandra Lier

If you are a follower of this blog you know I'm a big fan of Alexandra Lier and her Photography. This way I'm stoked about Alexandra's Third illustrated book coming out!

Her latest Artwork features curious and creative vehicles with stunning, cinematic photography.


The first book about the vehicles of Burning Man (USA)

Rocket Car by David Best. Basis is a 1977 Cadillac Sedan.

Black Rock City, Nevada, USA – Infinite expanses. A desert landscape. Dust, dryness, heat. In focus: vehicles from another world. Surreal, like a mirage. Captured in the focus of the camera lens in a silent moment. Lurking and unpredictable. Ready to erupt in an inferno of energy and creativity: Mutant Vehicles – driving artworks. 

MUTANT VEHICLES – a fine art book to experience: visually powerful and interactive

Whoever takes in the images of Alexandra Lier in her third book is immersed in this world apart from conventional automobile, art or festival photography.

Lier lets the viewer escape into worlds reminiscent of the image aesthetics of David Lynch, with scenes like from Star Wars and vehicles like from Mad Max, while a breath of the intangibility of Helmut Newton photos wafts over the entire scenario.

"With MUTANT VEHICLES, I want to develop something that goes beyond the classic print medium: a fine art book with large format images on paper, interactively expanded with additional digital material that allows the reader to participate as fully as possible in this other world. Especially now, when the worldwide pandemic will accompany us for a while and we won't be able to experience any festivals and travel will be limited, I would like to pass on to the reader the spirit, the art and the feeling of Burning Man as complexly as possible and therefore cross medially. Interactive, in the spirit of the festival and the art there," says Lier.

Alexandra Lier

Portraits, interviews, films, travels to the USA – five years of work in one book MUTANT VEHICLES is Lier's personal tribute to the artists of the Burning Man Festival's driving artworks. She has been documenting the vehicles cruising around the festival and their creators since 2014.

"I love deserts, and I love whimsical vehicles.

The festival captivated me from the beginning, and I knew right away that the Mutant Vehicles would be my next project," Lier explains.

For several years, she flew to Burning Man and visited, interviewed and portrayed the artists in their stores. Due to the sheer abundance of images, films and conversations, the idea of combining print and digital was born. Because: "So many little stories emerged during the research and documentation that are difficult to tell in a book alone," says Lier.

And so the book is aimed at "burners" (note: that's the name of visitors to the Burning Man festival), mutant vehicles fans, art lovers, car maniacs, photo art lovers and anyone who loves whimsical worlds. The foreword is by David Best, who built the first Burning Man temple in 2000 and has created countless art projects around the world.

The Golden Mean by Jon Sarriugarte and Kyrsten Mate is based on a 1966 VW Bug

Burning Man
the largest outdoor art exhibition in the world

The Burning Man Festival is a self-organized, week-long gathering since 1986 that brings together more than 60,000 people annually in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA, and it is the largest outdoor art exhibition in the world.

The festival is famous for its bold artworks, participatory performances and radicality of expression. The artworks are located in the middle of the desert.

To view them, one has to travel long distances. If you are lucky, you can explore this world on a driving artwork called a Mutant Vehicle.

The Schmoover by Gary Stefen is based on a 1998 Honda Accord. 

MUTANT VEHICLES. Art on Wheels at Burning Man
128 Pages, 30 cm x 24 cm / 11’’ x 9,5’’, Hardcover, approx. 98 images, Speedseekers Production
ISBN: 978-3-00-068557-6
39,90 EUR.
Texts: David Best, Kevin Robert Thomson.
With digital links to video interviews, music and a festivalride

Valyrian Steel from Henry Chang has a V8 engine. The vehicle is a proprietary design

Crowdfunding campaign:
Fans of car culture, art lovers and "burners“ can pre-order the book from March 24

All Images ©Alexandra Lier

Truck Tuesday - 1946 Ford Pickup

Skipppic Saturday - The Alchemist

Throwback... believe 2010 UK,
This 1933 Ford 5-window coupe gasser named The Alchemist
definitely was one of the most impressive cars at that year's Hot Rod Hayride. Blown early hemi & a lot of cool details.