Some Stripes on the '27

For a while I was thinking what to ad on my roadster.
Didnt want scallops, flames nor a logo but
wanted to make the side look a pit more exiting.
As the original pintstriping was done about 15 years ago by my buddy Sven "El Cheapo", I wanted to preserve that style...
Happy with the subtile stripes Frank did last monday, Thanks IncaStienen!

Truck Tuesday

Cool 1963 Ford F100 Unibody Custom Truck
Source: bure valley classics / uk

Sun Fun

 I know... the Dutchies are doing okay, but I must say I agree with Mr Martin here 😁🤘

Skippic Saturday

Meet "El Mirage '52"
30's Roadster... build in Italy
Needs some Skip TLC, but what a nice one she is...
got all the right parts!