Coupe de Cab / Von Skip

Here’s without a doubt the coolest ride I’ve ever owned.
My 1930 Ford Model A 5 Window Coupe wich holds a stunning “Hot Rod” scene history...

This car was originally built by Buddy Dughi. Lead vocalist for the Rockabilly band “The Hot Rod Trio”. It was, in its old theme collors ( Green with red scallops ) featured on the bands first CD cover “ Hi-Octane Rockabilly!”

The car was very well known in the Southern California area at the time and appeared in the books “Classic Hot Rods” and “The All- American Hot Rod”.

After Buddy decided to sell his ’30 coupe  it eventually wound up in Northern California with Pro Skateboarding Legend Steve Caballero. 

After Steve drove the car for a while he felt the need to change the car “that everyone knew as Buddy’s old car” to his own.  He then brought the car to his friend and fellow Road Zombies CC member Alex Gambino, who’s running Gambino Kustoms in San Jose.

The car was totally stripped down to bare metal for repaint and all needed body work was done at that time. As you can see… they did an outstanding job on this hot rod!

I’ve owned / driven this amazing looking coupe for more then two years...
I’ve done some minor (EU safety ) changes to the car but as it was so well know’n and built,
I couldn’t change anything else on this car ( would be a gods shame! ) 

And so... after owning / driving it for about three years... 
I desided to give someone else the opportunity to own it, as I needed to get rid of some creative itch.

If you think I’d trailered this ride you’re wrong! I’ve driven the hell out of it as that’s where Hot Rods are built for! I’ve made some long distance trips with it... also outside The Netherlands to! 

This car is also known as the “Coupe the Cab” and appeared in many magazines such as: Traditional Rod and Kulture, Garage, Rolls and Pleats, Smokin Shutdown, Church, Burnout, Intake, Ol Skool Rodz, Rod & Custom, Street Rodder, Hot Rod

Car is also shown at several Hot Rod DVD’s such as: Mad fabricators Volume #5, Hot Rod Havoc 2, Shake Rattle and Roll, Hot Rods, Rat Rods & Kustom Kulture Back From The Dead.

The coupe appeared ( and still is popping up ) in several Custom Scene' Art work and even did on Steve Caballero’s Powell skateboard, designed by Dirty Donny.

It’s an amazing traditional 60’s style hot rod. All Henry’s steel Ford.
Top is chopped 5”. Body is channeled over the frame 4”
Original Model A frame which has been boxed.
Reliable 350 small block Chevy V8 engine with Offenhauser 3X2 aluminum intake with Rochester carbs.
All carbs work and are hooked up with straight linkage (not progressive). Running 4 pounds of fuel pressure.
Sanderson chrome lake style headers, incl removable block off plates.
GM 350 Turbo transmission with chrome finned pan.
Gennie shifter with one of Steve Caballero’s very own skate wheel. (Yes it spins!)
Brand new 4” recessed firewall.
Real Don Zig magneto ignition supplies the spark.
King chrome 65 amp one wire alternator mounted low on drivers side.
Cal-Custom finned valve covers and oil pan.
Original steel 1932 Ford grill shell.
Dropped I-beam front axle.
Chrome Pete and Jake’s shocks.
So-Cal Speed Shop steering stabilizer.
1940 Ford hydraulic drum brakes front and rear.
Front window with polished stainless steel frame.
10 gallon aluminium fuel tank 
Mopar 8 ¾ rear end with coil over shocks.
Smitthy’s glass pack mufflers with duel exhaust. 
1950 Pontiac tail lights.
15” steel wheels, rim centers painted gold and black to match with trim rings and chrome lug nuts. 
Firestone wide white wall bias ply tires (Bigs and Littles)

The coupe is painted in House of Kolor “Goldmine Pearl” base coat, and has black scallops outlined in bone white. Scallops are striped by Moochy of the Swanx car club from Vallejo, USA

1932 Ford dash (striped by Skratch).

Banjo steering wheel.
Stewart Warner gauges;  Oil pressure, Temperature, Speedo, Fuel, Volts.
Mounted in 5 gauge engine turned panel.
Guide headlights with high and low beams.
Black tuck and rolled bench seat.
Came with rare early 1930 California Year of Manufacture plates.

This is and always will be, one of the nicest Hot Rod's around the Globe!
Pictures by Me.. VonSkip & my buddy Limpe Iven


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  2. Hi, talked yo you many years ago, is this an old post or do you still have it for sale?