'77 C10 Before & After...

This weeks in between job, working on tha 1977 Shoptruck. Welded shot some rusted out pieces and painted it Flat Black. I know... done to many times, but needed it to be easy and one color. Plans on replacing front fender next week...

1949 Tesla Powered Mercury Coupe

1949 Mercury Coupe with Modern Tesla Power by ICON

I Know... Not a Chopped Kustom
But was wandering what you guys & galls think about this one? This Merc is built by Jonathan Ward and his LA-based shop/ICON brand. Mixing the old car bodies with a modern drive train, in this case an electric.

If you look into the engine bay you will find a V8 shaped dual-electric motor running on a Tesla Performance 85kWh battery setup. Power & torque figures: 400hp and 470lb-ft.

Me.. as a real petrolhead, not convinced (yet) that this is going to be the future...
​Still feeling some resistance in my brain, to come along...
But, I sure dig the innovation and built skills that come with this project.

What do you think?

Images courtesy of ICON 
Source: Petrolicious

HardCore HotRods - Japan

Cool HardCore HotRods Video By THE LOCAL HERO JAPAN (double click the arrow to start the vid)

Skippic Saturday

Last week... Our Snubnose at -6C, Today... It's +12C.
So winter & spring in one week šŸ¤·‍♂️