It's allive!

This weeks progress, finally have the '46 outside after over two years of building...
I know... still needs exhausts LOL
and finetuning but she's a runner and all hoses etc are non leaking, YEAH 💪

'67 Elcamino in the house..

Last week i ran into this '67 Elcamino, as I never had an Elcamino I couldn't resist taking it home. 
But... as always of course... you also get years of defered maintenance.
I really wasnt waiting for more work but hey, guess she's word it!



1934 Ford Five Window Coupe

This Sure is a 1934 Ford Five Window Coupe thats straight up my alley. Love the parts, stance and Patina on this cool litle Hotrod 🤘 It;s marked as one of my Favs 😉


1957 Cadillac DeVille


Cool Patina Project... 1957 Cadillac DeVille LT1 Powered, Camaro Front Clip, SBC, 700R

Lost in the forest

Think its a stranded 50 's Ford Crestline? Great picture for sure! Source Unkown 😢

More '46....

Progress on the truckbed, sadly forgot to make pics of the newly reinforced steel bed frame but I think you get the picture... On with the next stuff...